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Alana’s Week at WEYA

I arrived in Nottingham for World Event Young Artists not yet sure what the event was about. The banners on buses, street corners and even the town hall immediately made me feel like I was part of something important. I soon felt a swell of excitement and anticipation all around me that did not dissipate for the entire event; I can still feel the aftereffects and positive energy reverberating through my practice.

I quickly fell in with a group of British visual artists. I did interact with artists from other countries and disciplines but I found this group to be the most useful connections of the experience. I immigrated to the UK five years ago after finishing my BFA in Canada and always felt like I was missing the bonds in this country that are formed in art school. Now I feel part of a network of UK artists; everyone is really open and we have already been exchanging opportunities and discussing upcoming projects. The event was flexible enough that it allowed each of us to get what we needed out of it; other artists I met were looking for international collaboration and they too felt their needs were met.

The practice session with former UK Young Artist Richard Hancock was a real highlight. He led us through a physical exploration of our own space as artists and the concept of space within our artwork. This was extremely relevant to my own practice and something I had not examined before. Critical discourse was an important element of the ten days and I have not experienced such meaningful conversations about art in a very long time. All sorts of new questions have been opened up for me about my practice and can’t wait to dive in and start digging for answers. Apologies to the catering staff – I was so absorbed in a discussion with another artist about my work and it’s future that I distractedly dumped a plate of mashed potatoes on the floor.

To offset the constant gallery touring and visual art perusing, the dance and theatre and music and myriad of other performances were a real treat. There were so many dedicated and talented people showing what they do best. The Jam Session with Ling Peng was one of the biggest surprises of the entire week. We sat down in the Market Square dome as an escape from a sudden bit of rain and did not move for the next 5 hours! Artists from all over the world continuously joined the swelling group and the sounds that were happening in that tent were nothing short of brilliant. I feel like this is an apt metaphor for the entire event; artists gathering together, not quite sure what will be created but the results by and far exceeding even the highest expectations.

by Alana Tyson

original article – nottinghamvisualarts.net/articles/201210/week-weya


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