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Progress on Liz’s Cornerhouse Commission

“Cornerhouse is pleased to announce FOUR, an exhibition of four new commissions specifically created for the show including work by Tristram Aver, Nicola Ellis, Kate Sully and Liz West. Curated and developed by Cornerhouse’s Young Curators team, three talented people from the Greater Manchester region, FOUR will feature inspiring and thought-provoking art that has been carefully selected from over 600 international applications.” – Cornerhouse

Four presents an exciting selection of brand new commissions from four UK-based artists.

Liz West’s colour drenched installation features a never-ending landscape of bright objects encased inside a reclaimed wardrobe. Beams of light will invite you to look inside as they seep out of the wardrobe’s doors into dark surroundings.


The 1920’s gentleman’s wardrobe sourced from eBay, before the butchery commenced.


Butchery has begun! *poor wardrobe*




Building the timber shell for the mirrors to be glued into (which will create the Chamber effect)


Handwritten instructions for myself for how to glue the mirrors in.



The mirrors are so delicate and precarious to handle that installing them is always a challenge.


All my lovely new AV equipment; including a HD DVD player and LED TV, bought specially for this commission ready to be built into the wardrobe. This will be my second foray into video work – the first was in my summer solo exhibition Chroma at BLANKSPACE Gallery in Manchester. I am excited/nervous to hear feedback when the work is on show at Cornerhouse as it is a new medium for my work.


The mirrors all glued into the wardrobe. Its coming together now!



Next thing to do is make and edit the film of my yellow objects to show on the TV screen, this slow moving video image will be multiplied to infinity by the mirrors.

In order to not give too much more away I am going to stop writing and leave it for you to see the finished work in the flesh when it is exhibited at Cornerhouse (opening 25 January) in the FOUR exhibition. Details below:


26 January – 24 February 2013

With new commissions by Liz West, Tristram Aver, Nicola Elli sand Kate Sully.
Cornerhouse’s Creative Stars were hugely successful with their 2012 exhibition Lost is Found, which attracted more than 4,000 visitors. Three of the budding curators from the Creative Stars team recently devised an open call to enable four artists to realise a new work to a budget of £1,000 apiece. Elizabeth Gibson (18), Alex Leigh (17) and Neetu Roy (17) received hundreds of artist applications from all over the world, presenting the team with an exceptionally exciting and challenging task.

Preview Information: www.cornerhouse.org/art/art-events/preview-rosa-barba-subject-to-constant-change-four

Artists Talk Information: www.cornerhouse.org/art/art-events/four-curators%E2%80%99-tour-talk

by Liz West


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