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6 Months after World Event Young Artists

In September 2012 we were in Nottingham busy seeing and participating in as much as our little brains could cope with, in October we were missing the feeling of communal art appreciation, November was nostalgic and much colder. By December everyone had all but forgotten WEYA as Christmas took over – all except a select few who were still waving the flag. In January all that was left was the urge to ‘like’ and comment on statuses of Facebook ‘friends’, friends we had made whilst in Nottingham. That brings us (in a round about way) to February and to today: six months since the World Event Young Artists. SIX MONTHS I hear you cry! Time has indeed flown. It doesn’t seem five minutes since we were all basking in the late summer sun inside the walls of Nottingham Castle grounds. For all of us, a lot has happened since then… personally and professionally.

Professionally I have had the pleasure of working on a new commission for Cornerhouse’s FOUR exhibition (Jan 26th  – Feb 24th) – which incidentally also included the paintings of Tristram Aver, the curator at Nottingham Castle… small world. It took me from October to early January to complete the work – it was a lot more complex to make than when it existed as an idea. I don’t mind a technical challenge though; I hope the work The predicament of in here and out there has been well received, after all it embodies all that I am interested by, both in terms of concept and form. Colour, collecting, intrigue, discovery and artifice are all present and correct.

Four, Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK, 2013

Four, Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK, 2013

Four, Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK, 2013

I have also received two additional site-specific commissions that are due to happen in the summer, more info coming soon. I am at work in the studio most days working on a brand new body of work. I felt it was time to move on; after-all I have been working on variations of my Chambers for several years now. I feel I have pretty much exhausted approaches to their display and form, recently incorporating video, building them on various scales and in different guises.

On a personal note, my boyfriend asked me to marry him whilst on a weekend break in sunny Barcelona last week. I said YES! I remember going shopping in Nottingham whilst at WEYA* and trying on a wedding dress! Yes, I’m afraid that’s what happens when you put a group of girly girls together who have very active and creative imaginations!

*we couldn’t see art every second of the 10 days – some retail therapy had to take place.

The connections made at WEYA are as invaluable as ever, Alana and I have continued to fire off emails to each other from across the Atlantic (Alana’s been home in Canada for a period). I continue to be impressed by the work of other WEYA artists, who are courageously working flat-out on new projects. These projects seem to constantly pop-up on my Facebook feed and it makes me smile – I was amongst a good bunch of people at WEYA, none of use there were merely ‘playing at it’, we strive to be artists as a career choice.

Over the next few weeks/months we will be posting much more regularly, including interviews with artists, curators and other art professionals. Alana will be conducting a series of interviews on the value of a Masters Degree (a qualification neither of us have – and regularly question whether we really need). I will be speaking to participating WEYA artists and ambassadors and asking what they have been up to since.

Next time I write a blog as full of nostalgic drivel as this will be on the one-year anniversary of the World Event Young Artists. Bring on September 2013, what more will have changed by then? I wonder….

By Liz West

p.s. If anyone is reading this who was part of WEYA in any way and you want to tell us what you have been up to since, please contact Alana or myself and we will try and feature you on this blog.

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